The Solar Installation Process (What To Expect)

Stage 1: Contract Signed

Once you have reviewed and approved the solar project proposal our team will take care of the rest so you can focus on your day-to-day.

Stage 2: Site Survey Scheduled

Your assigned project manager will schedule a roof condition assessment to determine the technical requirements needed to install your solar panel system.

Stage 3: Site Survey Complete

After the project manager has done their technical inspection they will provide you with a detailed roof assessment report so you can have a full overview of what the solar installation will consist of.

Stage 4: Permit Submitted & Approved

The project manager will organize and submit all the required paperwork on your behalf to receive an approved solar installation permit.

Stage 5: Installation Scheduled

After the permit has been approved the project manager will schedule a day and time that someone will be home to allow the production crew to start the solar panel installation process.

Stage 6: Installation Complete

The majority of our projects are completed the day the installation is scheduled. Once the full installation is complete the project manager will conduct a final technical inspection.

Stage 7: Warranty Issued

Once the installation is complete and the Permission to Turn On process is complete we will issue you a warranty and you’ll be ready to enjoy your new solar savings!

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