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When it comes to powering your home, there is no better feeling than knowing you own the energy you are using. If you’re wondering, “Are solar panels worth it?”, the answer is yes! With the solar panel for homes cost today, you will be saving thousands in the long run in your San Antonio home.

The Solur Power Difference

Quality Materials
Between federal and local solar incentives, you are provided thousands of dollars in rebates. Whatever energy you do not use that your rolar roof produces, the power company will buy back from you!

The Right Time To Upgrade

Our knowledgeable and experienced team provides the best solar panel installation for residential solar systems in San Antonio. If you are worried about solar panel cost – don’t! We offer flexible financing and will install your solar panels with no money down (for qualifying customers). Don’t wait – contact us today to get your FREE quote by our certified solar and roof contractor team!

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At Solur, we believe in making work easier for you. Request an estimate today and come to our location in San Antonio, Texas for an estimate!

Solar Panels Meant To LAST!

Our solar panel systems are strong and designed to protect the integrity of your roof and the home underneath it.  You can rely on Solur’s panels strength and durability, making it the best solar panel system option available for year-round performance.

Solar Panels That Look Good Too!

Choose Solur if you want solar  panels that look sleek and fit the look of your home or commercial office building.  Our solar panels fit nicely and don’t stand out.

Do Solar Panel Systems Require Maintenance? 

The best part about installing a solar panel is that it requires very little maintenance after the initial installation.  Solar panels have no moving parts and are expected to last up to 30+ years.  

How Much Does Solar Roofing Cost?  And Can It Really Lower My Electricity Bill?

Your solar roofing costs depend on the size of your home or office, the positioning and outline of the roofing structure, and how many solar panels you need.

And although electricity bills range from house to house, you can expect solar roofing to eliminate unnecessary and high costs for using electricity.

Learn more about San Antonio, Tx

Did you know?  San Antonio has a population of 1,547,252 (as of 2019), making it the 2nd largest city in the state of Texas and the 7th largest city in the United States.  

The weather tends to be very hot and muggy in summers, making it the ideal place to install a solar roofing panel system on your home or office.  

San Antonio is also home of the Alamo!  The historic Spanish mission that was the site of the Battle of the Alamo in 1836.  This historic piece of history still remains as a top tourist attraction for San Antonio and the state of Texas.

Learn more about the regulations for solar panels in the state of Texas

For any questions about the rules and regulations for solar roofing in Texas, please check out these links: Solar Rights & Regulations, Solar Panel Laws in Texas, Texas Property Code. 

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