Solar Power & Energy Company

Solur Power is here to help you make the switch to solar and forget renting your energy. As a solar energy company based in Mcallen and San Antonio, our solar consultants cater to homeowners and commercial property owners who are interested in solar energy.

With our solar energy consultants, you’ll work with a design team that will analyze your roof, shading, and electric usage to provide a custom quote for your home.

For solar installation, we work with a network of best-in-class solar installers to ensure you work with the right provider for your specific needs. Our selection process analyzes public customer reviews and a custom data set on each provider. The result, we screen the best providers so you don’t have to.

Our Process

Our process is very simple and does not cost anything. Here’s our Solur Power process:

Step 1. Provide Utility Bill: We will review your utility bill to design a custom quote for your home. Then we’ll schedule an appointment with the best matched solar energy company in your area.

Step 2. Review Proposal: Review the proposal provided within your custom quote. If you have any questions, we are here to help.

Step 3. Select Best Option: Our proposal and custom quote will help guide you to the best option.

Step 4. Schedule Installation: Schedule a day and time with the solar installer you’ve selected.

Our Purpose

Doing well by doing good: Solur Power has the purpose of measurable positive impact on society while helping to shift to a more sustainable world.